Holistic Dentistry
Our Holistic Approach

Holistic dentistry is the practice of dentistry that takes into consideration the patient’s general health and lifestyle issues. We look at connected areas of your body and the wider aspects of your general health. We can analyse your health, lifestyle and stress levels before recommending the appropriate dental treatment. We aim to provide a realistic dental plan that is easy for you to live with, and that will ultimately give you healthy, happy teeth for life.

Nutritional Stress

A poor diet, high in sugar, alcohol, caffeine but lacking in sufficient fruit, vegetables and fibre will lead to muscle tension. If you suffer with chronic pain we may advise you to reconsider your diet. To aid healing we may also recommend dietary supplements.

Life Stress

Stress often reinforces or changes patterns of behaviour in a negative manner. This can have a profound effect on teeth and their function, sometimes with far reaching or long lasting effects, such as migraine. Major life events create stress, as do the pollutants that are part of modern day life.

Stress may be addressed by adopting simple methods of relief; regular exercise or relaxation therapy like yoga. We can also measure the toxicity of amalgam fillings and may suggest that you consider having them replaced.

Occlusions and Headaches

Occlusion is the term we use to describe the way your teeth fit and function together. Many headaches are caused by muscle contractions, which affect the occlusion of your teeth and lead to poor posture and teeth grinding. To pinpoint stress areas, we examine your head, neck, jaws and bite


As well as traditional dentistry techniques, we will advise you on alternative treatments.


Homeopathic dentistry is the use of homeopathic remedies in conjunction with traditional dental therapies to resolve dental conditions.

There is an increasing awareness of the beneficial effects of homeopathic remedies, particularly when prescribed to complement and enhance a traditional approach. The use of homeopathy in dentistry is growing and you may be surprised by the wide variety of treatments that are specifically useful for dental conditions. We are qualified to give full homeopathic advice, from an alternative to antibiotics, through to the alleviation of nervousness or treatment of sore gums.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is concerned with the movement of the cranial bones and the rhythmic impulse within the cranium, both of which can be shown to have a direct effect on our well being. Swallowing and chewing exert pressures, which, if wrongly directed through poor occlusion, can produce symptoms in many different parts of the body.