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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas A. Edison

Peter Varley BDSc, FDSRCS, DFHom(Dent.).

Peter graduated as a dentist in Australia in 1975. He gained a Dental Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons before establishing a dental practice in Central London with three Associate Dentists, two Hygienists, a Homoeopath, Iridologist, Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist and Cranial Osteopath.

He is a founder member and Chairman of the British Homoeopathic Dental Association. He is a Dental Diplomate of the Faculty of Homoeopathy and a member of the British Society of Occlussal Studies, the Cranio Group, the British Medical and the British Dental Acupuncture Societies. He is also a member of the BDA and past member of the BDA Representative Board and BDA Metropolitan Branch Council.

Peter has published a number of articles on dental homoeopathy and complementary therapies and lectured throughout the UK and Europe. He has appeared on London radio discussing Homoeopathy.

Although he is one of the few dentists ever resident at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, his interests have always been broader. He has had formal training in Acupuncture, Cranial Osteopathy and Nutrition and maintains a strong belief in the link between general and dental health.

Chapter 1
Richard Fischer DDS, FAGD.

Richard is in general dental practice near Washinton DC. His practice has developed a holistic approach to dentistry over many years, with an emphasis on homoeopathy and an interest in TMJ/Cranial function as well as the mercury and fluoride issues.

He graduated in 1973 and has been lecturing throughout the United States and internationally since 1981. He has appeared on National Radio many times and published a wealth of papers on dental homoeopathy.

In 1984 Richard was appointed Vice President of the National Board of Homoeopathy in Dentistry as well as Course Director of Dental Seminars for the centre. In 1995 he was elected President of International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. He is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and the Academy of Stress and Chronic Diseases. He has been awarded Certification by the American Naturopathic Medical Board.

Chapter 2
Ron Ehrlich BDS.

Ron graduated in dentistry from Sydney Univerity in 1978. He runs a practice in the centre of Sydney promoting the concept of holistic dentistry, with a particular interest in the role of nutrition and exercise on general health.

He is interested in the biomechanics of the jaw and soft-tissue lesions as well as their relationship to the treatment of head neck and jaw pain. Since 1990 he has carried out research at the Physiology Department, University of New South Wales investigating the effect of jaw muscles on other muscles of the body, collaborating with Mark Ninio, a leading Sydney podiatrist.

Ron has lectured internationally on nutrition and holistic dentistry. He is a member of the Australian Dental Association, the International Academy of Gnathology, the Australian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), the Australian Pain Society and the Australasian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (ASOMAT).

Chapter 3
Jonathan Howat DC(USA), DICS, FICS.

Jonathan graduated as a Chiropractor in the USA in 1970 and then returned to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). He became President of the Rhodesian Chiropractic Association and later became the Chairman of the Zimbabwe Chiropractic Council. He moved to England in 1984 and became the Director of the Oxford Chiropractic Clinic, which specialises in Sacro-Occipital Technique and the Cranial Dental Sacral Complex.

He served on the Board of the Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI) and became President of SOTO (Sacral Occipital Technique Organisation) International. In 1984 he formed SOTO Europe, an organisation affiliated to SORSI, which brought postgraduate education to the UK and Europe with the emphasis on increasing knowledge between dentists and chiropractors. He has lectured throughout the UK, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, USA and South Africa.

Jonathan is a Fellow of the International Craniopathic Society. He is Chairman of the Education Committee of SOTO Europe and an external lecturer on the Faculty of Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

Chapter 4
Richard Holding DO, MRO.

Richard is an Osteopath specialising in Cranial Osteopathy and one of the foremost proponents of Kinesiology in this country. He graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1969 and taught under the auspices of the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation for many years. He is a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and holds a Diploma from the International Academy of Nutrition.

Over the years he has evolved his blend of Cranial Osteopathy, Clinical and Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine into a highly effective system for the treatment of a wide range of illnesses and disorders.

Richard is a director of Ark International Training Seminars. He teaches extensively in the UK, USA and Europe as well as running a busy specialised practice in North London, concentrating on chronic disease.

Chapter 5
Joeseph Shafer DC(USA), DIBAK, CCSP.

Joe graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in the United States in 1980. During eleven years working in Denmark he undertook post-graduate education in Applied Kinesiology, Sports Medicine and Nutrition. He has Diplomate status in Applied Kinesiology and is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

He was invited to assist ‘Team Denmark’, the national organisation for the advancement of sport in treating athletes who did not respond to traditional therapeutic approaches. He works closely with dentists on TMJ and other related problems.

He is an Honorary Associate Professor at the Novokuznetsk School of Post-graduate Medicine in Russia. He is on the editorial board of several professional journals and is a member of a number of professional societies in Europe and USA.

Joe has lectured to doctors, dentists, chiropractors and osteopaths in Italy, Holland, Scandinavia, Britain and Russia. Today much of his time is devoted to teaching and consulting work throughout Europe.

Chapter 6

Simon is an anaesthetist with an Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy practice in Colchester (UK). He has a particular interset in dental anaesthesia and teaches on the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD) sedation courses, lecturing on alternative methods of pain control.
He was a founder member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS) and later became a lecturer on both their medical and dental courses and Chairman of the Society.

Simon is Treasurer and British representative of the International Council for Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) and has been awarded the ICMART diploma for service in the promotion of medical acupuncture. He is a Fellow of the International College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics and on the Editorial Board of their Journal.

As Editor of ‘Acupuncture in Medicine’, the BMAS Journal, Simon has sought to encourage doctors and dentists to accept Acupuncture as a logical Western tool. He believes Acupuncture should become a normal medical treatment used routinely by doctors and dentists for appropriate problems.

Chapter 7
Jack Levenson LDSRCS(Edin).

Jack is President of the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry. He is also dental advisor and executive committee member of The Environmental Medicine Foundation.

In 1969 he founded the Cavendish Medical Centre, Europe’s first computerised medical screening centre. In 1985 he was responsible for the first major conference in this country on the dangers of mercury, called ‘Hazards in Dentistry: The Mercury debate’.

He was responsible for the dental sections of the Allergy and Environmental Medicine Departments at the Wellington and Lister Hospitals in London. He currently advises a number of similar clinics on the dental aspects of their work.

Jack lectures extensively on the subjects of mercury and safe amalgam removal, nutrition, allergies and other environmental factors which affect the health of the teeth and supporting structures. Currently he runs a practice confined to testing patients for mercury toxicity and advising both patients and dentists on protective procedures.

Chapter 8
Geoff Graham BDS.

Geoff graduated from Durham University (UK) in 1956 and started using Hypnosis in his dental practice in 1960. He is a Founder Fellow (1969), Past President (1992-95) and Council Member (1969-present) of the British Society for Medical and Dental Hypnosis (BSMDH).

He is a Foreign Fellow of The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a Member of Honour of the Brazil Hypnotic Society and an Honorary Fellow of The Singapore Society of Clinical Hypnosis.
Geoff is a member of The International Society of Hypnosis and has lectured and conducted workshops throughout the world. He has written four books on hypnosis - two on Formal Hypnosis and two on NLP. They have been published internationally and will be part of the Russian teaching programme in Psychotherapy.

Chapter 9
Angela Caine LRAM, AGSM.

Angela studied opera at the Guildhall School of music. Her involvement with ‘structure’ began in 1988 when singing teachers and voice pathologists failed to solve her recurring loss of voice. Dental work done for cosmetic reasons then changed her tongue reference. These events made her aware of the connection between the dentition and the voice.

She began a research programme that has involved dentists, orthodontists, chiropractors and osteopaths considering the voice as a function that should not be ignored during treatment.
Angela has lectured nationally on Voice Therapy and teaches Music and Alexander Technique for Southampton University and privately. She is on the database for the Performing Arts Medicine Trust, which takes care of the problems of professional musicians. She is also a member of the Cranio Group, an organisation for the study of cranio-mandibular disorders. She works in Southampton with a chiropractor and a dentist treating voice problems through structural realignment.

Chapter 10
Stuart Ferraris BChD, DGDP, DDFHom.

Stuart graduated in South Africa in 1976. He travelled extensively before settling in North Wales where he has developed a successful holistic dental practice using a broad range of Complementary Therapies.

He is a member of the British Homoeopathic Dental Association, the British Medical Acupuncture Society, the British Society for Medical and Dental Hypnosis, the Foundation of Biological Medicine, the Natural Medicine Society plus many other dentally related societies, including the American Equilibration Society and the Cranio Group.

In 1992 Stuart was awarded the Diploma in General Dental Practice from the Royal College of Surgeons. He has appeared on television, published many articles on dental and natural health topics and lectured both nationally and internationally on running a holistic dental practice.

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