Teeth For Life
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Prevention is the key to successful dentistry. Peter's philosophy is not simply to fill cavities, but to preserve the remaining tooth structure. To achieve this, he can provide diagnostic testing in the form of salivary and plaque analysis, diet and oral hygiene counselling and treatments such as fissure sealants.

Preventive dentistry takes time and dedication, but enables you to enjoy teeth for life.

Oral Hygiene

A bacterial deposit called plaque causes gum disease. It is essential that this build up is removed regularly, he recommends that you attend for cleaning every 3 to 6 months.


Plaque converts sugar into a harmful acid, which leaches calcium from tooth enamel and starts decay. Avoiding sugary foods will certainly help to minimize damage.

Damage caused by sugar is directly related to the frequency of intake rather than the total intake. Local factors come into play, such as rough fillings or badly fitting crowns. Help yourself by cutting out sugary foods and drinks between meals and let us provide the careful professional dentistry that prevents tooth decay.